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This professional digital media controller offers an extremely compact all-in-one solution that will even satisfy the most demanding DJs! All you need is a pair of powered speakers to get the party rolling!
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This professional digital media controller offers an extremely compact all-in-one solution that will even satisfy the most demanding DJs! All you need is a pair of powered speakers to get the party rolling!
The unit is packed with tons of features like:

  • Music from different sources can be played and mixed seamlessly:
    • Two internal USB-players share the same USB-hard disk/USB-stick to play any WAV or MP3 file.
    • Different analog inputs like turntables, extra CD-players, etc.
    • Controls all popular MIDI DJ-software you can imagine, free Virtual DJ-LE software included!
    • Two microphones with talkover can be used simultaneously.
  • Built-in sound cards! (no extra sound cards needed for your DJ-software!)
  • Q-DBase system: smart, fully featured database lookup system to find your tracks very easily, even on big hard disks, up to 500GB!
  • Free Windows Q-DBase-builder software included.
  • The digital effects (echo, flange, filter, brake) can be used manually or fully beat synchronized with presets.
  • Seamless loops with real-time loop edit function
  • PCMS (Permanent Cue Memory System): for each track up to 4 cue points and seamless loops can be stored/recalled at any moment
  • High precision scratch function and pitch bend, thanks to the touch sensitive jog wheels
  • Several jog wheel modes: vinyl, CDJ and A.CUE scratch!
  • DJ-software can use coded vinyl disks to control playback and scratch your MP3/WAV files.
  • 2x 10character alphanumeric VFD-displays show all information, including ID3-tags.
  • SMART RANDOM: random play can be limited to 1 genre or artist (ex. play only slows!)
  • Original, upgradeable, Synq firmware: guarantees user-friendly, sophisticated functionality not found elsewhere.
  • Fully customizable setup menu for MIDI and other functions.
  • Pitch control (+/-6%, 10%, 16%, +16%/-100%)
  • Pitch lock (Master Tempo)
  • Full featured 2channel digital mixer with customizable crossfader, balanced output and booth master.
  • PFL headphone monitor with CH1/CH2 mixing and adjustable volume.
  • Many more …

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

General : Dimensions (cm) 29.9 x 42 x 8.9 cm
General : Weight (kg) 4.1
General : Color black
General : Powerinput AC 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
General : Works on battery N/A
General : Energy Label No
General : Power consumption W 21
General : Display No
General : Fixation Optional 19" rack mountable
General : RU No
General : IP rating indoor
Audio : supported audio formats MP3, WAV
Audio : supported audio media USB
Audio : functions N/A
Connections : input N/A
Connections : output N/A
Brand SYNQ
EANCode 5420025603492

Manual & Downloads

Manual & Downloads

View FileDMC-2000 Manual v1.0    Size: (2.93 MB) DMC-2000 Manual v1.0
View FileDMC-2000 Manual v2.0    Size: (4.64 MB) DMC-2000 Manual v2.0
View FileDMC-2000 Manual v1.1    Size: (5.69 MB) DMC-2000 Manual v1.1
View FileDMC-2000 EC declaration    Size: (418.4 KB) DMC-2000 EC declaration
View FileDMC-2000 Firmware    Size: (266.98 KB) DMC-2000 Firmware
View FileDMC-2000 Traktor1 mappings    Size: (1.44 MB) DMC-2000 Traktor1 mappings
View FileDMC-2000 Traktor2 mappings    Size: (1.65 MB) DMC-2000 Traktor2 mappings
View FileDMC-2000 VirtualDJ instructions    Size: (1.54 KB) DMC-2000 VirtualDJ instructions
View FileDMC-2000 Q-DBASE PC-Software    Size: (9.19 MB) DMC-2000 Q-DBASE PC-Software
View FileDMC-2000 Q-DBASE MAC-software    Size: (14.04 MB) DMC-2000 Q-DBASE MAC-software
View FileDMC-2000 FAT32 formatter info    Size: (270.05 KB) DMC-2000 FAT32 formatter info
View FileDMC-2000 PDF leaflet Deutsch    Size: (1.09 MB) PDF_LEAFLET_DMC-2000_00349_de.pdf
View FileDMC-2000 PDF leaflet English    Size: (1.09 MB) PDF_LEAFLET_DMC-2000_00349_en.pdf
View FileDMC-2000 PDF leaflet Français    Size: (1.09 MB) PDF_LEAFLET_DMC-2000_00349_fr.pdf
View FileDMC-2000 PDF leaflet Nederlands    Size: (1.09 MB) PDF_LEAFLET_DMC-2000_00349_nl.pdf

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Je suis intéressé / I am interestedReview by Hugo
Comment l'avoir ?

Réponse Synq :
- Le DMC-2000 n'est plus disponible/discontinué.
- Vous pouvez essayer de le trouver sur les marchés de 2e main comme ebay, ...


Where can I get these?

Answer Synq :
- The DMC-2000 is discontinued.
- You can try to find them on 2nd hand markets like ebay, ... (Posted on 10/3/2018)
Display issueReview by Addict
I'm experiencing a problem with the display unit it's not showing any info but it pitches well and it's playing well but can't review the display unit it's blank .cue/play buttons are also working.


Dear 'Addict',

We have not seen this issue before.
We recommend you contact your local dealer to review the unit.
(Posted on 8/22/2017)

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